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Fleece Blanket Care

fleece blanket care - washing Machine Wash,
Gentle Cycle
fleece blanket care - no bleaching Do Not Bleach
No bleach product should be used
including detergents with bleach - or
follow bleach package test procedures
to test for bleach safety.
fleece blanket care - drying Tumble Dry,
Gentle Cycle,
fleece blanket care - no ironing Do Not Iron

Fleece Blankets are very durable and will last for years if taken care of properly.

Always wash your fleece blankets in luke warm(warm-cold) water with like fabrics. Please use the gentle cycle when washing fleece fabrics because excess friction is a major factor in the pilling. Never use bleach or fabric softeners with modern fleece fabrics!

Use the low heat setting and the gentle cycle of your tumble dryer, modern fleece is sensitive to heat. Do not ever dry clean, however you can air dry your fleece for that fresh air scent!

Do not iron polyester fleece. Ironing fleece may, and probably will, leave marks on the fleece blanket, or may even cause the blanket to melt! If you feel that your fleece blanket is getting too fluffy lay the blanket out flat and press down with your hands.

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