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What Does Anti-Pill Mean?

Pilling in fabrics is the tendancy of any synthetic spun yarn fabrics. These fabrics tend to use threads which are shorter than natural materials, this alows the threads to be pulled up to the surface of the fabric when rubbing the fabric. This creates little balls, of pills, of thread on the surface of the fabric. This is most noticable when washing or drying lower quality polyester fleece.

Because pilling happens when the threads of your fleece are pulled up to the surface this can result in the fabric getting thinner and maybe even developing holes!

Because polyester fleece blankets are usually made with short threads, woven loosely to give you that soft feel and texture, the polyeter fleece is susceptable to pilling.

You do not need to worry, all of the fleece blankets manufactured for Adirondack Fleece have an anti-pilling finish to ensure that your fleece blankets will stay smooth and comfortable!

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